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11 December, 2023

ANCES National Association of CEEIs

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Bitbrain, CEEIARAGON company, conducts neuromarketing studies with paid sessions.

How does our brain work? How does our mind react to different stimuli?

I’m sure you have asked yourself these questions on many occasions. The company from Zaragoza Bitbrain aims to bring neurotechnology closer to people to improve their quality of life. For more than 13 years, they have been carrying out research projects and developing neurotechnology products that contribute to improving people’s health and lives.

One of the applications of this technology is the so-called neuromarketing studies. Studies in which they perform simple tests by measuring biosignals and obtaining response data. These are safe and simple sessions that last about one hour. Participation is voluntary and is compensated with a minimum of 15 euros per session, depending on the format of the study, difficulty or duration.

Bitbrain is one of the international benchmark companies in neurotechnology. Throughout its history, it has received more than 25 international awards for innovation and business development, maintaining a constant drive to bring neurotechnology closer to society.

About Bitbrain

Bitbrain is a neurotechnology company that combines neuroscience, artificial intelligence and hardware to develop advanced EEG equipment and other human monitoring technologies, along with software solutions for real-world applications and research. In this way, Bitbrain helps research, technology and health professionals to apply neuroscience in a practical way. The company that was born in 2010 in CEEIARAGON has become an international reference in neuroscience and neuromarketing.