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22 May, 2024

ANCES National Association of CEEIs

Red de Centros Europeos de Empresas e Innovación / Business Innovation Centers



ANCES INVESTMENT is the network formed by ANCES together with the main agents of the investment ecosystem to increase the options of private capital directed to projects or companies with high innovative and growth potential.

This service was created in response to the investment needs of innovative companies and the rapid growth process of specialized investment agents who are aware of the potential of these companies to meet their medium and long-term profitability needs.

If you have an innovative business project in need of financing, contact your CEEI of reference. From ANCES we will help you to channel resources nationally and internationally through investor networks. In the attached document we send you a model contract that governs the provision of this service and that is flexible and adaptable according to your needs.



You can download information about the service at the following link: