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22 May, 2024

ANCES National Association of CEEIs

Red de Centros Europeos de Empresas e Innovación / Business Innovation Centers

Quality certified by European Business Network – EBN

One of the main distinguishing features of ANCES member centers is the EU|BIC brandThe European Business and Innovation Centre Network (EBN) certifies that BICs comply with certain quality standards in the services they offer and in their own operating and management model.

This brand represents the only international and officially recognized standard model of innovation based on incubation and acceleration.

The granting of the markis associated with the achievement of optimum results in relation to the promotion of private sector R&D&I, innovative entrepreneurship and the competitive improvement of SMEs in the respective fields of action.

The EU|BIC mark indicates that the certified BIC is seriously committed by making its resources available and providing services to innovative entrepreneurs and/or consolidated SMEs with needs to incorporate innovation in their processes and/or products.

The European Court of Auditors also endorses the important role of BICs/BICs in its special report on the contribution of ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) funds to the development of business incubators in 2014 by qualifying BICs as “reference incubators”.

The European Commission, to whom we owe the origin of this figure from the application of programs that promoted its creation in different territories of the European Union in the 1980s, has valued in successive monitoring reports the role of BICs/EICs in the service of any policy in favor of SMEs in different contextsThe company is developing local, regional and national or European capacity building for these companies.

The European Commission highlights this role of BICs among its achievements. The extension of these centers to all regions of Europe serves as a catalyst for initiatives to exploit the results of research, the creation of companies by researchers and, in a broader sense, academic dissemination.