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22 May, 2024

ANCES National Association of CEEIs

Red de Centros Europeos de Empresas e Innovación / Business Innovation Centers

President’s greeting

Álvaro Simón de Blas
From these pages I would like to introduce the National Association of Innovative Business Centers (ANCES).

Our main objective is to establish the means to facilitate the incorporation of new companies into the national business fabric, especially those that are innovative and have a broad technological content. To this end, we promote through our members the creation of spaces where entrepreneurs can enjoy a series of advantages when starting a project. We provide our experience in business design and management, supporting the strategic and commercial development of these companies and we supervise the projects in order to favor their consolidation. Likewise, thanks to the collaboration agreements we have established with the different administrations, we make possible lines of financing for entrepreneurs.

The success of our association is closely linked to the innovative and entrepreneurial success developed throughout the national territory and for this, both ANCES and all its members, establish the appropriate means to promote such development.

That is why I encourage current and future entrepreneurs interested in starting a new business venture to contact the CEEI closest to their place of residence, where they will be supported and guided throughout the process.

Best regards.

Álvaro Simón.